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Click the Security tab. Click Trusted sites zone. Click Sites. Click Add , then OK. Restart Internet Explorer.

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Enable Protected Mode Option : 1. Click the Internet icon.

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Select Enable Protected Mode. We would also recommend that you test between message lengths, as sometime a 2-part message can work better than a single message.

BGP Series part 1: Message Types

Remember sending more than 1 message part will incur extra costs and will take you more time to create and check the message as well. This will make you more attractive to girls if you read it. Which of course is what most of us In a world where the Get 10, free SMS credits now! With our incredible double credits offer. Sign up now.

When should you go over 1 message when sending a text message. When 1 message is enough As we said above, 1 message is normally more than enough, with character you can include a compelling opening line, a small amount of information and a clear call to action. Doubling up to 2 messages A double message can be great if there is no way you can reduce the content into a single message and you have some important bits of important you need to include.

Going Neapolitan with a 3-parts 3-part messages are used more for communication and are rarely sent in bulk to thousands of customers at the same time. This will make you more attractive to girls if you read it — Infographic This will make you more attractive to girls if you read it.

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I have 2 contact telephone and contact mobile fields in a form which either A OR B need to be filled. The error is that if I try to submit the form without filling either one in, the error message shows twice. How would I show the message just once?

Your message for contact could then be You must fill in either the telephone number or the mobile number. The logic is quite simple, the required validation whatever one used only fires for empty fields. If I specify that the contact telephone is required when the mobile is empty like so. If I fill out the mobile and not the telephone then the mobile is no longer empty and the telephone field isn't required anymore Passes validation.

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If I fill neither out, then the mobile is empty, and the telephone is then required, thus displaying 1 error message Fails Validation. If I fill out the telephone then it does not worry about the mobile validation as the telephone is not empty anyway Passes validation.

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This means that either one of the 2 fields are required, but it will only display 1 error message and requires 1 rule. Learn more. First 10 Free.