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Your church is just starting out.

Reaching Out to Others

In the beginning you might also be frustrated by the lack of donations. Be patient. Your small church needs organization in the same way that a Joel Osteen megachurch does — just on a slightly smaller scale. You have members, volunteers, donation tracking, and events to worry about even in the beginning. And getting in the habit of staying organized is one of the best ways to ensure the continued success of your church. You want to worry about building strength through faith. Online forms can help you. Here are a few places where JotForm can help:. Read on to see the actionable steps that can get you up and running with the necessary forms for the above situations.

Sometimes the most fulfilling church experiences happen outside the walls of your church. Camps and retreats are a great way to get a change of scenery, explore new places, and establish opportunities for connection among the members of your church. You can have camps for young children, retreats for older individuals, or parent-child adventures. Youth camps are a popular choice for a reason. They engage young people with their church, getting them out in the world so that they can practice their faith in an exciting, hands-on way.

Youngsters also get to meet new friends and be with people their own age in a comfortable environment. So many attendees of youth camp make memories that last a lifetime — and these are memories they carry with them as they grow and continue to practice their faith.

Why Does the Church Teach That Works Can Obtain Salvation?

A camp also takes a great deal of organization. You have to keep track of registration, find volunteers, and have donation machinery in place that enables you to run fun events like summer camp. There are additional considerations to keep in mind. Or maybe the attendees will get T-shirts for the retreat, and you need to know their clothing sizes. JotForm offers several form templates that can help you start and manage your camp. Here are a few that stand out:.

See a Problem?

There are a lot of forms to collect when running a camp. Why not keep it all in one place, in an easy-to-navigate spreadsheet? And you can also receive email notifications as forms are filled out so that you can keep track of registration. Young people are just learning their way around their faith. This is a special time where young people need to be invited into the church with a welcoming, open-minded tone.

The Church That Works: Democracy vs. Theocracy

A major part of this process is educating these children about their religion. This involves learning about religious history and — most notably — the Bible. Oftentimes, that involves getting out of the classroom and into the world. Baptisms and christenings are a huge part of the Christian religion. They are also beautiful, memorable ceremonies that bring people together around their faith.

Home - St. Paul's Lutheran Church

And your church can be the site of these moments. But in the same way you plan for a birthday or wedding, you need to plan for a christening. Here are some online forms from JotForm that can help you when planning a baptism or christening. Some of these forms can be distributed to members of your congregation to make their planning process stress-free. Generic baptism form.

This form enables people to apply for a baptism. It asks for their basic contact information, then gives them some space to discuss why they want to be baptized. Baptism scheduler. It gives people the chance to select a date and shows them the dates that are available so that you can avoid time conflicts and get everyone baptized in a timely manner and on a schedule that works for your church. Christening invitation form. Once a family has decided to have a christening at your church, distribute this form to your congregation so that people can RSVP.

There is also a space for special instructions if more information needs to be added. Christenings and baptisms are part of what makes churches feel so special to so many. These are events that stay with people for a lifetime — and they happen under your roof. Ensure you use the resources at your disposal so that you can plan and execute these events with care.

Churches can be a venue for certain special events and competitions. Possible ideas include charity 5Ks, swimming competitions, baking contests, or other forms of competition. The decision is yours. JotForm has the templates you need to make setup a breeze.

Here are a few that stand out as particularly helpful:. Competitions at your church bring people together and engage your congregation in a new and exciting way. They also raise money for a good cause. Your volunteers become part of the family at your church. Happy volunteers are one of the first steps toward a happy church. A church revitalization is a major effort. Here are a few things you should consider:.

If the building is in fairly good condition and mostly needs superficial tune-ups, this church is a great candidate for revitalization. Hiring a contractor for the more involved fixes, and then handling the rest on a DIY basis is a great way to get the church building in better condition. Keep in mind that a community that might be a bit run-down does not make it a less-than-ideal candidate for a newly repaired church. In this way, revitalizing the church may help revitalize the community as well. Revitalizing a church is a massive decision. Take this responsibility seriously and give it your all.

There are all sorts of ways churches come into existence.

Serving in an “Active” Church

Church revitalization is a major source of new churches. A church revitalization can involve taking an older congregation and incorporating it into a new one. What is church planting?

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In its simplest form, church planting is the process of establishing a new church. Church planting has been happening for nearly two millennia, since the very early days of Christianity. What is the process of church planting?

Rick Renner — A Church Committed to Good Works

There are a few different ways churches can be planted, varying based on the situation and context:.