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The local church is meant to be living, growing, distinct, and God-glorifying. Yet many disagree about what a church really is and what it should look like. This study works through seven biblical aspects of the church and helps participants to discover a big-picture vision of the church. This study answers the question: Why join a church? By seeing the Scriptural reasoning for becoming a church member, participants will also learn what it looks like to be a healthy member of the body and how to serve in their local congregation.

A healthy church is a church in which every member—young and old, mature and immature—unites around the wonderful good news of salvation through Jesus Christ. Toward that end, this study pays close attention to the Gospel as defined in Romans 1—4.


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Sample Pages: 1 2 3. With discussion questions at the end of each chapter, participants will work through guided reflection as they learn about the centrality of discipleship in the Christian life. While church discipline is never easy, it is sometimes a necessary, albeit painful, part of the Christian life. This helpful study guide tackles the difficult topic in six chapters designed to focus discussion on the interpretation and application of biblical texts. Participants will discover the role of church discipline and learn how to practice it in a gracious and loving way.

Expositional preaching gives life and health to the church. It shapes, forms, and reforms the church, and it reveals the character of God. Because it can be abused, leadership is a risky business—both for those in it and those under it. But God has good plans for leadership within the church. The rest of the study looks at the special responsibilities and roles within the church, fulfilled by elders, deacons, and church members themselves.

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Yet this task can often seem daunting. This study helps participants have the right perspectives on evangelism and shows them how to share the good news with others.

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This study explores what God does when he saves someone, answering questions such as: What is the change we need? How does conversion happen? What are the fruits of salvation? Participants will gain a biblical understanding of conversion and the implications both for themselves and for the church. Only right theology can lead to right worship and right obedience.

Highly recommended! In the 9Marks Healthy Church Study Guides Series a new standard has been set for personal theological discovery and corresponding personal application.

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Rich exposition, compelling questions, and clear syntheses combine to give a guided tour of ecclesiology—the theology of the church. I know of no better curriculum for generating understanding of and involvement in the church than this. It will be a welcome resource in our church for years to come. Slick marketing and finely polished vision statements are a foundation of sand.

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The Bible clearly teaches that Jesus loves the church. He knows about and cares for individual churches and wants them to be spiritually healthy and vibrant. Not only has Jesus laid down his life for the church but he has also given many instructions in his Word regarding how churches are to live and function in the world. This series of Bible studies by 9Marks shows how Scripture teaches these things.

Any Christian who works through this curriculum, preferably with other believers, will be helped to see in fresh ways the wisdom, love, and power of God in establishing the church on earth.

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These studies are biblical, practical, and accessible. I highly recommend this curriculum as a useful tool that will help any church embrace its calling to display the glory of God to a watching world. Download a pdf of the excerpt.

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