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October is Professional Services edition with the Trenton Trib. The following year the race was shortened to 45 miles excluding the dangerous Royal Gorge waters ending in Parkdale and, although ten boats entered, again only one man finished the race.

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The third year the race eliminated portages and single-boat teams and was set at its existing length of Eleven boats entered that year and ten were able to finish. It is not clear if the original idea came from idle talk over coffee or a dare for bragging rights over beer, but word of the Arkansas River Race challenge traveled quickly. The original boat races were organized by the Salida Chamber of Commerce to attract people to the area and to promote international relations with foreign countries.

The City of Salida embraced the event and a four-day festival and elaborate parade were organized. The FIBArk downriver race inspired and excited competitors and spectators for many years! With the growing competency in the sport of whitewater paddling though, the excitement of the FIBArk downriver race eventually waned among participants and spectators.

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In , to address the challenge of fewer competitors and spectators, FIBArk relocated the Downriver Race upstream, shortening the course and adding more difficult rapids. Kate Harris, author of Lands of Lost Borders. In this narrative journey along the Green River, Heather Hansman navigates turbulent waters and diverse worldviews with compassion, grit, and an overriding respect for complexity.

This book is graced with insights that can only be won with a paddle in hand and a sense of our collective future at stake. Steve Olson, author of Mapping Human History. A trip not to be missed. She explores the sticky parts of western water policy, just as she explore the less-loved sections of the Green. There are few topics in the West as divisive and emotional as water, and in her book, Heather provides a balanced overview of all the issues, delving deep into the substance of water-related arguments, without crossing over into the mind-numbing jargon that defines most water-related writing.

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