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And it's terrific! At Your Fingertips is a blog dedicated to the million and one questions and ponderings that come naturally to parents and people working with young children. Once you are aware that there are ACEs and that you or your client or patient has one or more of the ten identified ACEs, what can you do to start moving toward healing and improving as an adult and […]. Being introduced to the concept of adverse childhood experiences ACEs may be rather mind-bending for the average parent.

Truth is, learning about ACEs can be a bit mind-bending and life altering for any adult — parent, doctor, therapist, social worker, barista, teacher, law enforcement officer, truck driver, white collar or blue collar worker…anyone and everyone.

The Machine That Changed the World: The World at Your Fingertips

Melissa has found some […]. Home Blog Institute. Neither of the albums amounted to much. Motown initially grouped it with others songs as part of another Little Stevie album — Recorded Live! The 12 Year Old Genius.

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DJs Liked Pt. Click for vinyl. Little Stevie Wonder became the first artist to have a 1 album and 1 single simultaneously. He also holds the record for the youngest artist age 13 to have an album go to 1 on the charts, eventually selling over a million copies.

Cover of 'Early Classics' CD, year Path to Stardom. But not right away. He then studied classical piano at the Michigan School for the Blind. Stevie Wonder was on his way. The page contract he negotiated set precedent there, and gave Wonder complete creative control over his music as well as a higher royalty rate, with Motown still distributing his product.

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Ten Grammys. In , he gained a broader national audience by opening for the Rolling Stones on their major U. Then he won five Grammy awards in , and five more the following year.

He was now an established rock star and had become a multi-millionaire. By then, he had 20 hit singles to his credit and eleven best-selling albums. His music has also paid tribute to figures like King and jazz great Duke Ellington.

Thumb vs. Finger

Known as a musician who has influenced the work of many other artists, Stevie Wonder has also collaborated with a number of his musical colleagues, including Prince, Michael Jackson, Dionne Warwick, Elton John, Julio Iglesias, the Eurythmics, Babyface, Angie Wood and others. In the former TV program, American Idol , contestants who attempted to cover his songs, for example, found them difficult to perform, as they used unusual chords, make abrupt, unpredictable changes, and often require that a syllable be sung over several notes.

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He has been a musical innovator throughout his career, playing an important role in bringing synthesizers and electronic keyboards to pop music. Click for book.