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The beasts capture her and have their way with her tight human body, Jane is reluctant at first but soon she craves the fullness and savage lust. Series : Book 1 of "Impregnated By The Wolves" Rachel and her best friends are off to spend a girl's weekend together in the mountains. No Men Allowed. The girls get drunk and a little too raunchy the night before their big climb, secretly wishing they had men around to fill their appetites, little do they know that they are being watched.

The next day Rachel is captured by a masculine werewolf who ties her up and has his way with her tight human body. Rachel can't get enough of his powerful lustful fucking, she gets her wish when she's taken away to his den for more.

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Taken from her family and brought deep into the forest by a werewolf, Sophie is deflowered and used. She soon realizes the werewolf's true intentions for her, to serve the rest of his pack. As the crowd of wolves continues to grow around her, she wonders just how many will she have to service before their appetites are satisfied? Mandy soon confronts her true fate, to be held down while Justin shares her fertile young body with the rest of the members of his pack. Incredibly, she feels a growing attraction toward Justin while she's being passed around and used by his friends - why does she love being dominated by him?

Things get complicated when Brad's gorgeous body and mysterious personality excite her even more. Ava and Michelle are trapped inside the ancient castle Valanya, a dungeon of sexual depravity and despair ruled by The Overlord. The Overlord is an evil beast whose insatiable hunger for sexual gratification is matched only by his appetite for cruelty. Michelle has been thrown to the grotesque horde, however He's taken a special interest in Ava. Time is running out for Ava and Michele, they won't survive much longer as sex slaves in The Overlord's dungeons.

With the help of some of the guards, Ava has developed a plan to escape the night of the Ball. Ava can't let The Overlord get suspicious, she will have to do anything he desires. He's getting even more hungry for her body. While Charlotte is vacationing at her family's lake house she comes upon a beautiful and majestic wolf, discovering that the animal is injured, she rushes to his aid.

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Suddenly Charlotte is captured and forced into the beast's world - still a virgin and sexually naive, she's unprepared for the creatures sexual appetite. She knows deep down that part of her wants Silas to claim her. Rachel and her best friends are off to spend a girl's weekend together in the mountains.

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The next day Rachel is captured by a masculine werewolf who ties her up and has his way with her. One evening Katherine ventures into a local tavern for a few drinks, eager to immerse herself in the small mountain community. She awakens hours later to find herself trapped inside of a cage and held captive in a dark, dank dungeon. Arcane Mage Buff Coming with Maintenance.

You can check our or Arcane DPS guide to get prepared for next week in case you want to change things up a little. As always, this change is a work in progress. Thank you! Patch 8. Today's round of hotfixes is mostly oriented at items. Conch of Wa'mundi now works properly in Nazjatar and other zones, PvP reward items from Crate of Battlefield Goods no longer have a lower item level than intended, and more. Fixed an issue where some Legion quest reward equipment that upgraded to rare or epic quality were not increasing in item level.

The hotfixes are once again flowing as we get the second batch in as many days. Firelands Fixed an issue that prevented Ragnaros from spawning on Heroic difficulty.

Resolved an issue that could prevent several enemies from spawning. Players can again trade items looted from Lord Rhyolith.

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Items Fixed an issue where the Chest of the Seven in Blackrock Depths would not be interactable or despawn after one person looted it. Weekly Bonus Event: Warlords Timewalking. It's time to revisit Warlords of Draenor this week as part of the bonus event. Your character and items will be scaled down to a power level fitting for the challenge at hand, but bosses will yield loot appropriate for your natural level. Quest Requirement: Complete 5 Timewalking dungeons. The crystalline structure also serves to protect and shield Draenei souls from their eternal enemies: the Burning Legion, who hunger eternally for Draenei spirits.

The Bloodmaul Slag Mines On the northern outskirts of Frostfire Ridge, the Bloodmaul ogres run a brutal mining operation amidst the sweltering heat of active volcanic caverns.

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Slaves from across Draenor are transported to the mines, never to leave alive. The Slag Mines produce abundant yields of gemstones and ore, but it is rumored that the true purpose of these mines is to dig for an ancient relic of immense power. The Everbloom After the disruption of the Dark Portal, the Kirin Tor realized that to fight the Iron Horde on their own soil, they would need a supply line to reinforcements.

Thus, they created outposts across Draenor with magical links back to Azeroth. Unfortunately, what seemed like a prime strategic location near the Blackrock Foundry was known to botani as The Everbloom, a sacred place within the Gorgrond woodlands. The outpost was quickly overgrown, but it still contains a link to the outskirts of Stormwind…. Huge warships and artillery forged and assembled within the Blackrock Foundry, are readied for war within this massive port.

The greatest beasts of Draenor are broken and trained alongside elite infantry units, comprising the ground troops that will surge ashore to break the will of any who would dare oppose the Iron Horde. Shadowmoon Burial Grounds The traditional burial grounds of the Shadowmoon clan are the final resting place for countless generations of ancestors. Now the ancestral spirits are restless, tormented and used to fuel dark rituals that will pull all of Draenor into the void if allowed to run their course.

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Skyreach Atop the crowning pinnacle of the Spires of Arak, amidst the clouds, Skyreach stands as the seat of power of the Adherents of Rukhmar. The arakkoa have gathered and harnessed the Apexis technology of their forebears, and now they are ready to unleash the focused power of the sun upon their enemies. Additional Warlords of Draenor equipment will be available during this event. About Bonus Events Bonus Events occur on a rotating schedule of different activities, currently scheduled to run each week beginning on Wednesdays. Each Bonus Event grants a passive bonus to a particular game activity and offers a once-per-event quest with a reward for accomplishing a related goal.

Check the in-game calendar regularly to keep on top of the scheduled events.

‘Majora’s Mask’ Dungeon by Dungeon: Great Bay Temple

The Adventure Guide also offers a direct link to active Bonus Events, allowing you to easily accept any quests associated with the Bonus Event of the week. The latest voice lines for Zekhan added in Patch 8. The preconceived notions I had regarding what this game needed to be to fit the guidelines of a shmup were holding me back. In reality, Hellsinker has the level design and structure of a shmup albeit with much different tools to accomplish your goals. A powerful close combat mode can be charged with an aura around the character that slows down incoming projectiles.

This allows you to hop in for big damage against stronger enemies in a relatively safe manner. However, a circle can be summoned that does area-of-effect damage to anything within its radius. This is extremely useful for mid-ranged combat, especially when you want to keep the aura around you for safety. Homing shots can also be fired, however those need to be charged over time in the form of a secondary fire.

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Switching characters honestly feels closer to switching to an entirely different game rather than just a slight change akin to most other shmups. The structure of the game is somewhat of an oddity for anyone not knowing what to expect. It seems linear enough during your first few attempts, however delving into the guides reveals a few secret stages accessed through different means.

Hellsinker is a lavish Christmas present wrapped in 20 different types of packaging. It may be frustrating to peel away those layers to get to the prize, but doing so give you an incredible sense of accomplishment.