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Something that conveys a deeper meaning to our society. And you know what, when I can see that, it just like a snap, I feel connected. Your decision of a particular critical theory that you will use with the text.

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So I felt that I was on the right track guid- 2. A fully developed claim regarding how do you perceive this specific piece of literature ing him this way. I introduce him about our in such way. A quotation or paraphrase of a specific scene or characteristics that you see the connection between the theory and the text. Tailor a vivid explanation of how the text can be perceived through your chosen lens.

My essential purpose behind this assessment is 5.

TW Webcast: Rare Academic Honesty on Sexuality and Gender

I also have his textual analysis attached on the last page of this paper to show his understanding towards the thing that we are trying to do here. Thereafter, when we already know what are we going to focus on, I introduce him to the idea of queer identities and queer theory. Since my method planning lesson project is about the in- troduction of queer identity and theory as well, I was using that lesson plan with him.

Then, we were trying to look into a specific theme and ideology in Openly straight that entails about the hetero- normativity and gender binary. I assign him to write that down as a reflection so that he could use it in his textual analysis. This activity performs itself as a formative assessment, and it shows me that it becomes easier for Paris to know some concepts about homosexuality and queer ideology before he starts analyzing the text.

Sontag argues against this method as it will restrict the aesthetic and artistic values of the text.

However, from my studies with paris, I find out that it in the case of those who have no background information about the theory of literature and cultures, it could be very difficult for them to see the context and ideology lines behind the literary piece. We try to look into the piece by merely using the overall societal ideolo- gies, norms, and contexts towards heteronormativity and the binary of gender. To illustrate, when we were discussing about the issues of labelling from Openly straight and were trying to make sense of it.

We both agreed in our discussion that labelling, as demonstrated in the book, has happened to both of us. Tyson talks ex- clusively about how to employ these literary and critical theories as a way to interpret the text. I adopted it and try to let Paris who has a very close bond with LGBTQ culture use critical theory to facilitate his interpretation of the text.

The result is incredible.

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He develops an empathy and enthusiasm in the studies of literature which he found very troublesome at first. Paris became incredibly engaged with the topic and exhibited a deep interpretation of the assigned texts. In this case study, if you take a look at the textual analysis written by Paris, you would see the there is the presence of the reader in the reading process. Some people claim that when employing critical theory as a lens, you are reading in a shadow. You are not interpreting anything, the theory itself does all the job for you. I strongly disagree with that notion.

In the summative assignment, paris exhibits his own individual and personal criticism towards the text in a very apparent and obvious way. During the discussion about the story, I always ask him about his take on the themes, and how does he interpret a particular symbol and ideology from the novel. He tailors his his idea through the employment of queer theory as the lens, he doesn;t repeat the comment of the school of thought itself.

We have to think about the background and need of the students while we try to tailor our lesson plan. The theories and approach I adopted may work for paris, but might not work with other students. And, this is another aspect that i should keep in mind when I teach student reading courses.

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The interview helps scope down the possible things which i can teach, but differentiation in classroom needs more than that. We have to know stunt well enough to identify the proper approach of reading. Fortunately, Paris told me about his coming out many years ago so I can come up with this particular approach.

Again, the reason behind this is partly because of my background in Critical theory and Cultural studies. It could be used globally, not only in the studies of English literature, but also in the studies of world literature and foreign litera- ture. These theories are worldwide in terms of content and pragmatism. From my perspectives, the studies of literature should not be restricted by the cultural and national boundary.

As long as the piece is translated, you can apply critical theory to any of those pieces. How wonderful is that? There is, of course, some difficulties.

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But, as long as the student is willing to try and engage in the learning process. It would turn out to be successful. I cannot believe that this is the first textual analysis of his life. Eventually, I have to say that my perspectives towards the teaching of reading has shifted constantly.

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Each theory has its own strength and weakness. It is our job to adopt a suitable theory for our students, which mean that we have to be active and engaged all of the time, and that is a very preferable characteristic of a good teacher of literature from my opinion. It was first published in and gained a huge popularity from the readers and critics. Jeff Chu from the New York Times book review called it a story of salvation.

Furthermore, it was translated into many languages including German and Portugueses. The story was told through the form of memoirs and journals about the life of Rafe, an openly gay protagonist from Colorado. He chose Natick, the private boy school in New England, as a loca- tion for his experiment and exploration.

Many people such as his family and his closest friend, Claire Olivia, tried to convince him that this idea is not going to come with positive result in any aspect especially to Rafe himself. Nevertheless, Rafe still insisted to stick to his plan, not only to prove to those people, but also to himself that his hypothesis is going to work out well. However, everything did not go in the way he has pictured.

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Throughout the story, the readers are going to experience his life journey through his perspective and find out that his decision is right for him or not. Moreover, they will witness how he coped with other prob- lems in his teenage life. The reason that makes this fiction one of the great examples of young adult fictions is that it follows and uses the convention effectively and uniquely. In this essay, I will analyse how it follow the conventions and the issues the text using the conventions of young adult genre and several gender theories.

Young adult genre is mainly produced for the readers in their youth. The heart of it is the focus on the self exploring of a teenage protagonist with consequences influenced by the coming of age. Reading about it may help a young person validate his or her own experience and make some kind of meaning out of it" Blasingame, Since a youth period is considered as a transition from childhood to adult- hood, this genre always reflects reality of adolescents lives with struggles of finding a place they can fit in and meaning of their lives with the situations in the story.

In addition, it introduces diverse ways to deal with them through the thoughts in a protagonist head. The style of writing in this genre is more casual and easy to understand without further descriptive texts to simplify the contents to the readers as it is presented through the perspective of a teenager. Another advantage that young adult genre have over other genres is an ability to express certain points straightforwardly and di- rectly to the readers with the support from its theme.

As it is the representation of teenage life, it provides varied issues such as identity, gender, relationship, sexual issue, family issue, and more. In young adult fiction, the given information serves as the acknowledgement for both the targeted and general readers. For romance, love is praised as the only thing matter in the protagonists lives and described with more mesmerised and dramatic sense as it is acting as the main theme of the genre.

The example can be seen from a popular romantic story; The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks. In The Notebook, the story focuses only on love without paying attention to other surrounded aspects. The readers will never notice Noah and Allie financial issue,their parents, or even their children. In contrast, in young adult fiction, love is not the main focus of the story.

For example, in Openly Straight, although there are some romances between Rafe and Ben, there are many other problems that are focused on such as the relationship between Rafe and his parents, relationship with Rafe and his friends, conflict between Rafe and Claire Olivia who is his best friend when he told her about his plan to get in the closet again, the identity crisis of Rafe himself and so on.

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Young adult fictions show that there are so many things in life that are mat- ter not only love. Consequently, as love is not the center of the genre, we can merely say that young adult fictions are love stories but the journey of growing up. The conventions of the young adult genre are, certainly, presented and supported by several provided elements in Openly Straight.

The first element that meet with the conventions is the cho- sen writing style of Konigsberg. He aimed to focus principally on the development of Rafe during his experimental phase ,as when Rafe went back to his closet ,so he chose the first person point of view in this book in order to achieve his objective. It can be said that the first person point of view is the most suitable for young adult fictions as the story focus on the main protagonist only. It is more ef- fective to know all of the story from the protagonist side as the readers can recognize his or her de- velopment and realization through the thoughts , the way of dealing and solving the problem , and the perspective towards certain topics.

With this insertion, it presents the more real thoughts of the protagonist at that moment which make the readers know that there are numerous things going on in his head. The structure of the book is also another component that reinforces the conventions effectively. The book have unique structure comparing to the others on the shelf.

It was arranged in the pattern of a switching between normal chapters and special chapters.